Questions we get all the time. If you want to know more, or join any course, click on Contact Us below and we’ll start the process.

Q: What are the course fees?

A: Please fill out a Contact Form (linked below) and we will send you the information and call you.

Q: Can I pay in installments?

A: Only in New Delhi, and only for the 4-month, full-time Diploma in Film Acting course. We will accept 50% of the course fee (and taxes) upon registration, and then the balance before the end of the first month of class.

Q: Can I pay with a credit card?

A: Only in Mumbai, where we can swipe – you’ll have to come to the Studio. We will be setting up online payments from the web site soon. You can, of course, deposit a cheque or make a bank transfer to our accounts. Just ask for the information.

Q: Can I get a discount or scholarship?

A: Probably not. We almost never award scholarships, and we do not discount pricing on any courses. For information on scholarships, send us an email on

Q: What language are the courses in?

A: Mostly Hindi, in both New Delhi and Mumbai. That’s because Hindi is the language of Bollywood. If we have a number of foreign students, or students from South India, we use some English. Sometimes students request to do scene work in English, which is OK with the instructor’s permission. While we have voice training, we do not “teach language” – Hindi or English.

For children’s courses, it is the same.

Q: Does Barry John take classes himself? Can I meet him for advice on my career?

A: Barry Sir sits in Mumbai and goes into class occasionally, but he is not the lead teacher for any batch. He also attends the weekly film screening and discussion when he’s in town. He comes to Delhi occasionally and goes into class and meets with students and teachers. Classes in both cities are handled by BJAS graduates who are experienced teachers trained by Barry John.

Barry John does not have time to meet with students who have not enrolled in a course. Counseling is done with our front desk in both Mumbai and New Delhi.

Q: I’m from outside India. What do I need to know?

A: First, see the Answer on language above. For your visa, we recommend a tourist or visitor visa of at least six months length. BJAS is not an accredited University, so we do not provide letters for (and you do not need) a student visa.

We do not provide letters of recommendation or sponsorship under any circumstances, although we will write a letter that you have paid for and expect to attend a batch at BJAS.

Q: Do you have a hostel?

A: No, not in New Delhi or Mumbai, We do have a number of good PG (Paying Guest) accommodations nearby the Studios and will be happy to help you find the right one. You’ll need to let us know in advance and come at least a week early to get settled.

Q: Why can’t you guarantee me a role in a film or TV series after I graduate?

A: Because it’s not our decision. The producers or casting directors choose the cast. We do help you be ready for auditions, make you a show reel, and get many requests for our grads from production houses – so we’ll send you on auditions. We are also working with a very good casting agency / artists’ representatives to help place our successful students. And of course we expect you to work hard to become an actor!