Filmmaking Courses



“Make Your Movie” in this action-packed introductory course in filmmaking. The Film Directing Course covers the basics of writing, pre-production, lighting, directing and editing short films. The emphasis is on fresh and creative storytelling using the latest digital tech.

With six different short film projects and a final short film, you’ll be busy from start to finish with hands-on learning. Transform your ideas into upload-worthy short films. Learn the ropes of working on a film set as you collaborate with other students as a production team. Three months (13 weekends), afternoons, BJAS New Delhi Studio. Some filming & writing work outside class.

Students will arrange their own camera and equipment unless shooting in the BJAS Studio, and students will arrange their own editing. Students will act as crew members for each others’ films to gain experience in the different production roles.

23 September 2017
Saturdays and Sundays, 3.00 – 6.00 PM

Call us in Delhi on 9716114466 or 9999704455

paco“Filmmaking is not about being technically proficient, though that’s important. It’s about telling stories from the heart, real stories, no matter whether it’s a short film or a feature, no matter what genre or style.”

– Paco Wiser