On Acting and Success

Barry John on acting and success:

“There is no magic formula that works every time! Over four decades, I have evolved a system that draws on my experience of working with children, with youth, with disabled and disadvantaged groups, with university students, with theatre groups and with film actors. The system also draws on what other teachers, directors and actors have taught me, whether through working with them or though books that they have written. I teach what I know, what I believe in.

The methodologies I employ put the onus of learning, discovering, creating and problem-solving onto the students. The objective of empowering students is at the heart of good teaching.”

But can acting be taught?

“I believe that acting can be taught, even to someone who seems to have been born an actor. There’s a saying that talent is like water. Without a vessel to contain it, it’s useless. What is the vessel for talent? Technique.”

And the line to success in the film world involves honesty, hard work, and being realistic:

“At BJAS, each student is encouraged to connect with feelings and behaviors that are authentic and truthful rather than contrived…but beyond all the technical and aesthetic aspects of an actor’s education, our Diploma courses enlighten and instruct students in the launching and building of careers as actors. An actor’s personality and talent together constitute a product, which needs … creative and efficient business management to become a popular brand.”


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