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Whether you are learning how to act or new to acting, you often come across someone saying sides. You don’t need to get surprised, as sides are a pivotal part of an audition process. Without sides, you can do nothing in an audition or applying for an acting role. Keep reading the post to know everything about and around sides in acting. 

What are the sides in acting? 

The term, sides, relates to a part of a script that an actor has to do at an audition. It is a standard industry term instead of scenes, as an actor has only one part of it. However, to make the casting director happy, you need to do more than its definitive part states. 

What are audition sides?

Talking about sides means to talk about a particular part/section of a script that an actor receives for an audition. This part might be the whole scene or a small section of it. Based on a project, it can be more than a part/section that an actor has to learn.   

Taken out from a project that’s being or will be cast, sides can also relate to another script or the one written for an audition at hand. It takes place, as the revision of a script is under process, a script needs improvisation, the project is confidential, or the script writing is going on. Sides are an integrated part of all auditions whether they are for TV, theatre, movies, or commercials.  

Examples of audition sides

Due to their extraction from scripts, audition sides seem like a script. It can be an on-camera project, a screenplay, or a theatrical play. They can vary in length. However, they are at least a couple of pages long. You can come across numerous real-life examples of auditions online. Some examples are as follows: 

  • No Strings Attached – from a 2011 rom-com 
  • Rex Is Not Your Lawyer – from an NBC series   

The right place and to get sides for an audition 

You will have sides before one or two days of a TV and film audition from an agent manager if you have. Further, you can get it from a production house where you will apply for an acting role if you are on an open call.  

You will get your sides at the time of acting audition in Delhi if you are applying for a role in a theatrical play or commercials.  

How to rehearse sides for an audition 

Sides are an extraction of a full-length script. So, it is you who have to fill up the missing details about a scene or a character. Here are some useful steps to rehearse sides:

  • Read the whole script 
  • Locate the page number at the top right or left corner. Sides can be of 100 pages in length  with different acts like Act 1 and Act 2 
  • Check for the style of your character

Do you need to memorise your sides for an audition? 

Usually, it is hard to answer this straightforward question. Some of the industry experts love aspiring candidates to come to the audition without any book or note while others have a different opinion. In general, you should memorise your sides for an audition. Memorising will enable you to give your best. However, you should be ready for the sides that come in your way before your audition starts.