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The answer is as simple as asking someone, why learn ABC(alphabets) if you want to speak English?
In order to be more proficient and productive. The thing with acting is, you can never fully learn it. Acting is all about knowing yourself and in turn knowing others. And by knowing others I mean, generating the feeling of empathy. A good actor always FEELS. We all feel certain emotions when we watch a movie. It is because of the fact that the actor in that movie has infused and generated those emotions in you by being true to his emotions which are mentioned in the script.
Acting is nothing but living truthfully under imaginary circumstances as said by SANFORD MEISNER. A technically proficient actor will always be better than a gifted actor because he has been through that process and he has seen those changes in himself/herself.
We at Barry John acting studio make you BELIEVE that you too can become an ACTOR and the first step of achieving something is to BELIEVE that you can do it.